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Thad Davidson and his team should be your choice when you choose a criminal defense lawyer in Tyler, and you need someone to fight for you. If you’ve been charged with a crime and are now facing a legal battle in the East Texas courtroom, don’t immediately settle for a plea bargain.

Just because you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime in Texas doesn’t mean you’re guilty.

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Meet Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Thad Davidson - Davidson Law - Criminal Defense Attorney Tyler TX

I am T.W. Davidson, a criminal defense and constitutional law attorney in Tyler, TX.  I’ve been practicing law in TX since 2000 and in Wisconsin before that, from 1996-98. I’ve been a lawyer for about 25 years now.

I am a trial lawyer and appellate attorney in state and federal criminal cases. I have handled everything from misdemeanor theft cases up to capital murder trials.

Perhaps my most significant case was State v. Patrick Kelly, part of the Mineola Swingers Club Cases. My client, who was wrongfully and illegally convicted after a vicious long, difficult trial, was ultimately released from prison as a free man, along with multiple other MSC defendants. A major motion picture was made about his and the other MSC cases.

Justice ultimately prevailed for my client in a battle and war that took three years to win. I never gave up on my client. He never gave up on me.

Recent Cases

In October of 2021, I took a murder case to trial–State v. Keiuna Paul–in Cherokee County. My client received  NOT GUILTY verdicts from the jury.

Earlier in 2021, I took two criminal trespass cases to trial–State v. Jett Worl and State v. Brandon Neal–and received NOT GUILTY verdicts from the jury in those cases.

In the fall of 2021, I appealed an unconstitutionally high (as in outrageous) bond set by a district judge in Cherokee County. The appellate court reversed–meaning, my client won–the district judge in a scathing opinion in Irving Williams v. State, 12th Court of Appeals, Tyler, TX.

I represented defendants in several misdemeanor cases–a DWI case, a marijuana case, another drug case–in Smith County, which was dismissed in 2021, along with a significant felony case that was dismissed, all without trial. I have obtained very favorable (to my clients) plea agreements in other cases in Smith County and surrounding counties.

I practice primarily in Smith County, Cherokee County, Anderson County,  Rusk County, Gregg County, and other counties within 60-70 miles of Tyler.

I am a fighter.

I research the law, investigate the facts, and take a case to trial if that is the right thing to do, or when my client directs me to do so.  I am also skilled, however, at obtaining favorable (to the client) plea agreement resolutions in cases where the client or clients do not wish to go to trial, but rather seek a non-trial outcome which will keep them from getting a conviction or will keep them out of prison, or will, in difficult cases, get them an outcome to the case (or cases) which the client or clients are happy with.

Prosecutors fear and respect defense attorneys who will fight and win at trial or on appeal. This also results in far better outcomes for clients in cases that do not go to trial.

Before becoming an attorney, I was an officer and aviator in the U.S. Marine Corps, primarily flying fighter-reconnaissance jets, the RF-4 Phantom II. I have a daughter who is grown up, on her own, and happily married. I have a separate life as a musician, composer, and writer.

My Mantra

The Constitution of the United States–fighting for it, defending it, protecting it, ensuring that it protects my clients–is everything to me. It is why I am a defense and constitutional law attorney. I will defend it and protect it to my last breath.

Have a criminal case pending against you or someone you love? Let me fight for you. Let me fight for them.

It is what I do.

Respectfully submitted,
T.W. Davidson

Work With Experienced, Award-Winning Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being charged with any type of crime is a serious matter that can carry dire lifelong ramifications. From minor fines and court fees to a lengthy prison sentence, the results of a conviction vary depending on the type of crime you’re accused of committing. Don’t watch your freedom go down the drain – rely on our Tyler criminal defense attorney for the quality representation your case demands.

Consider All Your Options, Including Trial, With A Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney By Your Side

Why accept a plea bargain that will carry a conviction with lasting consequences, when you can call the legal professional at Davidson Law Office? Relying on years of experience, our qualified attorney knows what it takes to achieve a successful outcome in the East Texas courtroom.

DUI/DWI Defense

Getting charged with a DUI or a DWI in Texas is a big deal, so you should know what you’re in for. The Davidson Law Office will ensure that you know what’s happening every step of the way. Our experienced attorney will make sure you know the law under which you’ve been charged. In Texas, anyone over the age of 21 that is pulled over and has a .08 blood alcohol concentration or is impaired by drugs can be charged with driving while intoxicated. Anyone under the age of 21 that has a hint of alcohol in their system can be charged with driving under the influence.

Possession Defense

When you’re dealing with drug-related charges, it’s essential to have a lawyer represent you in court. The attorney at Davidson Law Office will do everything in his power to keep you from a devastating conviction. Attorney Thad Davidson will carefully go over the details of your case to gather evidence that will work in your favor. He’ll pursue reduced charges and negotiate a plea deal if it’s what’s best for you. You’ll be provided with sound legal counsel every step of the way!

Theft Defense

Whether you’re dealing with a minor shoplifting charge or grand theft auto, you need an attorney by your side. The criminal defense attorney at The Davidson Law Office will seek to minimize your charges and protect your basic rights and freedoms. You’ll rest easy knowing you have an experienced attorney guiding you through the legal system.

Experienced in All Areas of Criminal Defense

Instead of being considered innocent until proven guilty, most who have been arrested are thought to be guilty until proven innocent. Don’t let the broken judicial system threaten your freedom when you can put an experienced and qualified attorney in your legal corner.

The Thad Davidson Law Office takes pride in offering residents of Tyler, Smith County and all of East Texas, a complete and well-rounded knowledge to attempt the best outcome in a variety of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, including those involving:

  • DWI
  • Domestic violence
  • Federal crime
  • Juvenile crime
  • Sex crime
  • White collar crime
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Credit Card Abuse
  • Murder
  • Drug Charges
  • Gun Charges
  • Man Slaughter
  • Homicide
  • Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
  • Any Other Texas Crime

Protect your freedom and attempt to get the best outcome in your criminal case by calling the Thad Davidson Law Office in Tyler, TX at 903-535-9600 for a consultation.

Watch Thad Davidson In the "Booger Red" Trailer!

Booger Red is Patrick Kelly, the man I represented in the Mineola Swingers Club cases. I led the years long battle to free Patrick Kelly and other MSC defendants. Seven were incarcerated with life sentences. Six are free now. I was Patrick Kelly’s trial lawyer.

Criminal Defense in the Real World

A few weeks ago, I resolved a murder case. This took about 14-15 months to accomplish. The prosecutor, based on the evidence he had at the time, all of which was provided to him by the local police, indicted the defendant for first-degree murder. The range of punishment was 5-99 years or life. It did not help things one bit that at the time of the alleged murder, the defendant was on probation for two burglaries of a habitation convictions–each punishable by 2-20 years in prison. It also did not help that he fled the scene and that a certain deadly weapon vanished into the wind.

So when I took on the case, the situation for the defendant looked bleak, as in bad.

Getting Arrested Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty

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