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Thad Davidson represents clients in Cherokee County for DUI, misdemeanor, and felony charges, including hearings, plea negotiation, trial representation, and post-conviction appeals.

Just because you were arrested does not mean you are guilty.

An arrest is not a conviction; not hiring a top defense lawyer will probably assure you are convicted of whatever charges you face. If you’re on this website, you probably don’t want to be sentenced and deal with a lifetime of issues that will follow.

We congratulate you for coming to our website and encourage you to follow through with a call to our law firm now at 903-535-9600.

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Cherokee County Courthouse, Rusk, TX

Cherokee County Criminal Defense Attorney’s Advice

What you do, or do not do, immediately following an arrest can affect your case and my ability to help you.

Firstly, invoke your rights and do not speak with law enforcement. Do not post on Social Media. Do not discuss your situation with family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else except your defense lawyer.

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Thad Davidson is the Trusted Local Defense Law Firm for Cherokee County, including Bullard, Jacksonville, Rusk, and all of Cherokee County.

Thad Davison has won many DWI and Criminal Defense cases in Cherokee County. He is Cherokee and SmithCounties’ foremost defense attorney because he knows these counties’ systems. His team offers skilled, dedicated, and aggressive criminal defense representation with a non-judgmental attitude and respect for our clients.

We are experienced in defense for simple matters such as disorderly conduct and other misdemeanors but specialize in more complex felony charges. We will fight for you whether it involves DUI, drug charges, sex offenses, assault, or any other charges!

Act Now for Criminal Defense in Cherokee County

Act Now. Time is Not On Your Side.

When facing criminal prosecution, delay can help the prosecution and hurt your chances for a quality defense. Each day that passes without having a defense law firm working for you means you are giving the prosecution what is needed to convict you. Call now to get us on your team.

Call the leader of the pack in Criminal Defense Now!

If you are under investigation or have been arrested, you need to take action for any criminal charges. We urge you to contact our defense law team now to make an appointment at 903-535-9600. We will fight for your rights in Cherokee County.

Getting Arrested Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty

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